Boot Camp Coach

After so many years of training MMA, and other combat sports I have experienced what it means to put your heart , blood sweat and tears into a personal goal while having the fear of not being progressive. But with that said I realized that me having a fear was another reason for me to fight for my peace of mind and to never wonder what could have been and same goes for every aspect of my life. But sadly my days of training to fight were over FOR NOW caused by bad guidance. And so throughout that time I found crossfit, I became passionate about it, and so I started noticing how it affected people in the most amazing and positive way and then I realized it was my calling to help people through this program, and become an ambassador of fitness/crossfit. To make them better, stronger, faster, healthier, happier. BASICALLY REAL LIFE SUPERHEROS. And I do this with passion, love, and care for my athletes/superheros.